Cassingles Vol. II

by sweet talk

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Volume two in the Ice Age Records Cassingle Series.


released 05 May 2013


tags: punk Chicago



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Track Name: With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends?
The world inside your head must be so small for everyone to be against you, and it must be so hard to always be right. You've been asking for it for such a long time but you'll never get what you deserve. You keep pushing people away. Keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing, and pushing, and wait for someone to push back.
Track Name: Chain Of Command
Who holds the gun to your head and makes you lick the boot of the boss who would rather kick in your fucking teeth than shed a tear of sympathy? And we keep on licking with dreams of "promotion and a career." They keep on kicking: keep making the pills - how long will we swallow? How long will they feed? How long will we follow? How long will they lead?